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Donald Trump tells Rush Limbaugh that there is now a cure for COVID-19

President Donald Trump, ahead of anticipated rallies in Florida on Saturday, went virtual with a radio show Friday on the Rush Limbaugh show.

The big news: “We have a cure” for COVID-19, he told the conservative conversation teacher.

“We have a cure, some call it therapeutic. I call it a cure that most have never heard of and that will come out very soon, ” Donald Trump assured Rush Limbaugh at noon.

The president was referring to announced plans to provide more than a million doses of the same treatment the president received, pending approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

“I wasn’t in very good shape, but we had a drug that cured me,” Trump said of the Regeneron antibody cocktail he was given at Walter Reed Hospital this week.

That cure will be widely available soon, Donald Trump said.

“Hundreds of thousands of vials are being shipped to hospitals across the country.”

“We can go to the hospitals and clean the hospitals,” Trump said. “I had a meeting with the doctors today. These eleven guys showed me statistics, it was amazing. “

“We are sending that to all of our hospitals,” Trump said. “This is so good that it killed the virus.”

The president continued to extol his own health.

“I’m free. I feel perfect. I’m not going to take anything.”

“You sound great,” Rush said.

“My voice is perfect now,” Trump said. “This is the most amazing thing that has happened.”

Doctors told him he was “entering a really bad phase” and Trump said he had lost five friends to the virus.

“Without us. Without the Trump administration, this would never have happened,” Trump added.

The president and host returned to the issue in the second hour of the show, and Trump continued to grow optimistic.

“This is a total game-changer, it’s so good,” Trump said, noting that “the FDA is approving things in a week that would have taken three years … and it’s great things.”

“This is the best of all if it works,” Trump added.

The president has expressed similar confidence in his recovery in other recent interviews.

Speaking Thursday night on Fox News Channel, Trump said he was ready to go back to the campaign and feel “perfect” just a week after his COVID-19 diagnosis.

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