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US election 2020: Biden urges voters to remain stronger and more united

US election 2020: Democratic-nominated presidential candidate Joe Biden returned to Iowa after leaving in fourth place in February.

Biden spoke a standard strain, but devoted part of his speech to Senate Democrat candidate Teresa Greenfield, as he campaigned not only for the beating of President Trump but also for the Senate’s blue change.

Biden trolled Republican Sen. Jonny Ernst after a moment in the Iowa Senate debate, where she could not name the difference in soybean prices. “And as we saw in the debate, where the farmer’s daughter knows the point of the difference in the price of corn crops. You think it would be pretty simple, ”he said. “It’s like I don’t know where the Delaware River was home.”

He had a resemblance between himself and Greenfield, saying:

“Teresa and I lost our first spouses,” he said. “We have both been single parents to young children. We both found our way back from the broken places. We know that is why you should elect this woman Teresa to the United States Senate. She sees, understands, believes. When she speaks to you and you speak with her, you know, and I’m not just saying that you know she understands, she understands.

Joe Biden reprimanded President Trump for abstaining from voting and said, “This president has done everything he can to deter us, to try to convince us that voting does not matter – all his possessions. But guess he won’t be able to stop us at all. “

He added that “despite Trump’s efforts,” we will not be silenced. 85 million people have voted so far. “

Much of his speech focused on the pandemic when he noted the list of complaints and statistics. “The Iowa State Fair was canceled for the first time since World War II,” he said. “And Donald Trump has given up.”

He called on the president to brag that he had not paid his fair share of taxes and said it was because he was smarter than the system.

Biden stated, “Well, he will no longer work with the system in the Baiden administration. They will start paying.”

He concluded by saying, “Therefore, in these last days, stay strong, stay united, stay optimistic. Make a voting plan, vote early. Vote on election day. Help get out of the vote. “

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