Gold Rate Live in Pakistan 2021 Today Per Tola

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Today Gold Rate in Pakistan 2021

In Pakistan, gold is widely used for various purposes and several factors affect the price of gold in Pakistan, so if you are looking for a gold rate in Pakistan, you can pick it up from this site as it offered the latest and most accurate price in Pakistan along with deep price information on gold today.

Mostly People consider gold to be the best investment in the future because it is generally expected to have a higher value in the future than the current value of the currency. It is said to be a reliable source to secure an asset. Gold can be bought in different forms because it is the best investment plan. Bullion bars, coins, jewelry are considered to be the best investment in the form of gold, as gold rates have a huge potential for price increases.

What is Gold Price in Pakistan today?

The price of gold in Pakistan is Rs. 94,692 with the latest updated price on January 20, 2021

How much does Tola cost?

The measurement of tola varies from country to country. However, in Pakistan, one tola is equal to 11,663 grams.

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