Independence Day Wagah Border Parade 2022 and Flag Ceremony Timings

Wagah Border Parade Ceremony, more commonly known as the Beaten Retreat Ceremony, began in 1959. The aim of the "Wagah Border Ceremony" is to officially close the border overnight and remove the National Flag of both nations, Pakistan and India. The flag-laying ceremony takes place every day before sunset. However, this is an entertainment ceremony, but it is shown every day as a patriotic performance.

Where is the Wagah border located?

Wagah, a village located on the Great Highway between India's Amritsar and Lahore in Pakistan. The Wagah border is located 29 km away from Lahore Pakistan. It is also located 27 km Wagah border from Amritsar, India. The Radcliffe line, drawn in 1947, divided one country into two parts. The Radcliffe line runs through the village of Wagah on the Indian side. The Wagah border is a crucial point between India and Pakistan and is regularly open to tourists.

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During the Wagah Border ceremony, the national anthem, patriotism, and dance slogans are also played on Bollywood songs. In addition, cultural programs are sometimes organized. This ceremony is attended by people from other parts of the world along with Indian citizens.

At the moment of retreat, the border looks like a battlefield, as the procession is led by soldiers with loud shouts and heavy footsteps. The type of procession in which soldiers raise their legs very high is known as the "Goose Marching". This procession continues for 45 minutes.

Wagah Border parade timings 2022

The size of the stadium is limited, so not everyone can enter. Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. So you have to come here in winter at 14.30 and in summer at 15.00. The beating resignation ceremony begins at 5:15 PM in summer and 4:15 PM in winter.

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