Mother's Day Date 2021 in Pakistan, History and Celebration

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. It is time to pay tribute to mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers for their contribution to family and society. Since it is not a federal holiday, businesses can be opened or closed as every other Sunday. A compliment to Mother's Day is Father's Day, celebrating the contribution of the father who gave to raising the family.

When is Mother 's Day 2021?

Mother's Day is not a federal holiday and falls on the second Sunday in May. The holiday date changes every year, but always stays on a Sunday. This Year Mother's Day 2021 is on Sunday, 9th May 2021.

Mother's Day History

The history of Mother’s Day 2021 dates back to the 19th century, when women’s peace groups in the United States often tried to establish holidays and regular activities in favor of peace and against war. The usual regular activity was a meeting of groups of mothers whose sons fought or died in the American Civil War.

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Mother's Day Date 2021

In 1868, Ann Jarvis created a committee to establish "Mother's Friendship Day" to reunite families divided during the Civil War. There were several limited rites in the 1870s and 1880s, but none achieved recognition beyond that. At that time, Protestant schools in the United States were already holding numerous celebrations, and in New York, Julia Ward Howe led an antiwar celebration (Mother’s Day for Peace) on June 2, 1872, followed by a holiday known today as Mother’s Day. Proclamation Day.

A few years later, a celebration of Mother’s Day on May 13, 1877, was held in Albion, Michigan over a dispute over a moderation movement celebrating Juliet Calhoun Blakeley that intensified to complete the sermon of the deranged Rev. Fr. , her sons paid homage to her every year and invited others to respect their mothers.

In the early 1880s, the Methodist Episcopal Church in Albion set aside a second Sunday in May to recognize the special contribution of the mother. In its present form, Mother’s Day was established by Anna Jarvis with the help of John Wanamaker after the death of her mother Ann Jarvis, May 9, 1905. The official service was May 10, 1908, and the following year the day was reported to be widely celebrated in New York.

At that time, Jarvis led a campaign to establish Mother's Day as a national holiday of the United States, and then as an international holiday. The state of West Virginia officially declared the holiday in 1910, and the rest of the state quickly followed.

Traditions of Mother 's Day 2021

As part of the Mother’s Day 2021 tradition, children send greeting cards or gifts to their mother or mother or make a special effort to visit her. They take mothers to a festive lunch or dinner to express their gratitude. Some children even cook large and complex dinners for their mothers, thus giving their mothers a break from preparing food for the family.

Flowers given to mothers on Mother’s Day. Another tradition involves displaying white carnation flowers on the grave of dead mothers. Other common gifts for Mother’s Day are flowers, chocolate, clothes, jewelry and treats, such as beauty treatments or going to the spa. In the days and weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, many schools help their students prepare a handmade greeting card or small gift for their mothers.

Mother's Day Celeberation Around the World

Most countries around the world celebrate Mother’s Day, including much of Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, India and Japan on the second Monday in May. Many Arab countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and many others celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21 (spring equinox). Some countries like the United Kingdom and Ireland, while others celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Lent and call it Mother’s Sunday. Many eastern and southern Eurasian countries, including Russia, celebrate Mother’s Day along with International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Mother’s Day celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed the Mother’s Day Act saying Day would be celebrated on the second Sunday in May and be a national holiday.

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