When is Eid ul Fitr 2022 Date in India, Holidays and Celebration

India is a multi-religious country that is free to celebrate its festivals and fairs according to its traditions and rituals. Indian Muslims are ready to celebrate the biggest Islamic holiday called Eid al-Fitr or simply Eid, which means the holiday after the break. Eid ul Fitr 2022 is celebrated at the end of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, in Islam, the month of Lent, when people do not eat or drink during the day.

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Eid ul Fitr 2022 Date in India

When is Eid ul Fitr 2022?

Eid ul Fitr 2022 in India is on Friday, May 14, 2022. Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid al Fitr is known as a festival of fasting in the Islamic faith and by Muslims all over the world. Eid ul Fitr annually observes the 1st month of the Islamic date SHAWWAL. The date of Eid-ul-Fitr is expected in the Arab world from 14 May 2022 and in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and some other parts of the world on 14 May 2022.

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Is Eid ul Fitr a public holiday?

Ramzan Eid or Eid ul Fitr 2022 in India is a public holiday. It is a holiday for all residents and schools and most businesses are closed.

Eid ul Fitr Traditions

"Sawm", the practice of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims believe that the text of the Qur'an was revealed by the Prophet Muhammad only during the month of Ramadan.

Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr in India with prayers called "Salat Al Eid" in Arabic. No call is heard for Eid's prayer. Muslims will gather in mosques or open spaces and worship two prayer units called Rakat. The prayer is followed by a sermon in which the imam seeks forgiveness, mercy, and peace for every being in the world.

Other key elements of the Eid celebration are giving money to the poor (known as 'Zakat al-Fitr', the amount to be awarded depends on someone's property), sending Eid greeting cards, and feasting with families.

For many Muslims, Eid al-Fitr is a festival that shows gratitude to Allah for the help and strength He has given them during the month of Ramadan to help them control themselves.

The phrase commonly used by Muslims on this day as a greeting is "Bajram Mubarak," which in Arabic is "a blessed holiday." The correct answer to Eid Mubarak is "Khair Mubarak", who wishes goodness to the person who greeted you.

Eid al Fitr 2022 Celeberation 

To celebrate Eid ul Fitr 2022 in India, Muslims decorate their homes and places of business. The festivities begin with Eid shopping and traditional Eid dishes such as desserts including Sheer Khurma, saviyaan with dates, Ras malai, kibbeh, and other festive dishes. On the day of the popular Eid festival, they go to mosques to perform Eid prayers early in the morning, visit various friends and families, exchange gifts, and share good wishes. Muslims also engage in charity and donate food barley, dates, rice, cloth, and so on.

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