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Festive News founded in 2019, Festive News is a daily based online news website, we post news almost every 2 to three hours. Our mission is to inform, to reveal, to contribute to the understanding of issues of public interest.

We have authors who are most of them young people who are interested in a lot of things like sports, technology, and politics.

We only publish online.


Festive News is committed to accurately reflecting the range of experiences and points of view of all users. All Users, of whatever origins, perspectives, and beliefs, should feel that our news and current affairs coverage is relevant to them and lives up to our principles.

We have a special responsibility to reflect regional and cultural diversity, as well as fostering respect and understanding across regions.


In a world where the line of what constitutes journalism appears to be increasingly blurred, Festive News holds itself to the highest standards of journalistic practices.

All Authors of Festive News, as well as the content they create, must respect the principles of accuracy, fairness, balance, impartiality, and integrity as expressed through the Journalistic Standards and Practices.

We are aware of the impact of our work and are honest with our audiences. We do not hesitate to correct any mistake when necessary nor to follow up a story when a situation changes significantly. We do not plagiarize.

Festive News

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