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Alizeh Shah Biography

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Alizeh Shah Biography: Alizeh Shah is a new Pakistani drama actress and model. She started her acting career in 2018 from drama “Ishq Tamasha” with Aiman Khan. She got more popularity when she appeared in the leading role in drama “Ehd-e-Wafa” with Ahad Raza Mir and Zara Noor Abbas. She has a huge fan following due to her pretty looks and outstanding acting. She is famous for having expressive big eyes. Alizeh Shah is also known for uploading interesting Tik Tok videos. Let’s know all about Alizeh Shah biography, Education, Family, Height, Age, Birthday, career and Dramas.

Alizeh Shah Biography / Wiki

Alizeh Shah was born on 2 November 1999 in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. She is just 21 years old and at a young age, she has proved her skills in the showbiz industry. She is a brave and confident girl and takes her profession seriously.

Alizeh Shah Education

Alizeh Shah is completing her inter degree and she will continue her studies with acting and modeling career.

Alizeh Shah personal life

Regarding her personal life, she has kept as silent as possible and hasn’t shared minimal details related to her siblings or cousins as well. Though, she did post a picture with her mother on Instagram that is still receiving an increasing number of likes. It seems that she took the picture while she was on her way to shooting. Other than that, her personal life is still a secret to the public.

Physical Appearance

The 21 Years old young lady, Height 5 ft 6 in and Weight 49 Kg. She has dark brown color hair and brown color eyes.

Alizeh Shah Boyfriend

She is the latest crush these days. People like her due to charming personality and soft looks. Alizeh Shah shared her pictures with actor Noman Sami on her social media account. The couple didn’t announce officially their relationship, but their Instagram stories make their fans curious.


Alizeh began her career in the entertainment industry as a model as she participated in bridal shoots. She has been featured in the Kashee’s bridal shoot plenty of times. Her chic features have always completed the glistening look of the heavy attires and complimented the dazzling jewelry and colorful makeup. She has also been a model for Afsaneh and Waseem Jewellers. Many of her spectacular shoots are simply just a click away.

Her acting career began when she played a side character named Alina in the drama Choti Si Zindagi. Impressed by her captivating acting skills, she was able to capture various leading roles as well. Some of the leading roles include Hoor Pari and Jo Tu Chahay; she played the female lead in both. Then, her acting career took to the roof when she was nominated at the Hum Awards for the drama serial Ishq Tamasha. She has also starred in the drama Mom Ka Diya as the sister of the main female character and received appreciation for that role as well.

Then, she went on to play a quirky and youthful character named Chutki in the movie The Superstar. The movie was hyped and complimented throughout Pakistan because of its infamous cast and an intriguing plot. Acting alongside prominent actors like Mahira Khan, Alizeh also found the opportunity to make her mark. The acting of the main characters was praised but many movie reviews have posted the spectacular skill-set displayed by Alizeh as well. Her mischievous and light-hearted character in the Superstar captured many hearts in the movie theaters. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she added an extra spice to the movie as a whole, and did play a decent part in filling the loopholes.

Aside from acting, she is insanely popular all over social media too. To the point that her Instagram alone has millions of followers and her posts gather hundreds of thousands of likes in the span of less than an hour. She uses social media to connect with her fans an update her life behind-the-scenes. Furthermore, she has also posted a lot of lip-sync content on Tiktok, which is a widely recognized app all over the world including Pakistan. Her lip-sync compilations have been gaining views after views, further adding to her followers on social media platforms.

Alizeh Shah Dramas

  1. Daldal
  2. Tere Naal Luv Ho Gaya
  3. Ishq Tamasha
  4. Dil Mom Ka Diya
  5. Hoor Pari
  6. Tum Mujrim Ho
  7. Bisat e Dil
  8. Bandi
  9. Jo Tu Chahai
  10. Ehd e Wafa
  11. List of Movies
  12. Superstar

Social Media Handles

Her social media accounts incorporate


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