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How Long Will Auto Insurance Pay For Rental Car?

Often, after an accident, the car has to go to the store for repairs. Since most people have to go on with their daily lives and go to work or even just do tasks, they need transport. In this case, rent becomes necessary. Rental insurance costs only a few dollars a month, and it’s worth it if you need a car. But how long will the insurance cost for the rental car? It is a common question that is asked by insured motorists.

How long does the insurance cover the rental car?

According to GEICO, car insurance companies usually have time limits on how long they will cover their rented cars. The specifications depend on the company and the policy. Always contact the insurer when booking.

Does personal car insurance cover long-term rentals?

Most large insurers cover rent for up to 30 days, but this varies from company to company.

Where can you file a car rental claim after a car accident?

According to Policy Genius, there are a couple of different ways to get paid for a rental car.

  • Careless driver insurance company. Rental costs are part of the compensation paid by a negligent driver insurance company. The company is responsible for ensuring that the vehicle you were driving was comparable to the one you were driving during the repair. In the event of a total loss, the insurance company will provide the vehicle until it is replaced. The insurance company pays the rental costs as part of the settlement.
  • Your insurance company. If you are at fault for the accident or are the only one involved in the accident, you are claiming rent from your insurance company. Keep in mind, you can only file a claim if you have rental insurance in your policy.

Is it better to file a car rental claim with a negligent driver insurance company or your own?

Before you file a claim, consider the pros and cons that your insurance company must provide, unlike any other insured company.

  • Says ValuePenguin, the claim with your insurance company will likely be processed sooner. Determining who is to blame for an accident can take time, and if you need a car immediately, applying to your insurance company means you can get a car right away. Another insured company could wait for police reports and take some time to determine who is to blame before paying the rent.
  • If you file a claim with your insurance company, even if there is another driver at fault, the amount of the claim is based on the coverage you purchased for your policy. There is often a maximum amount a company will pay per day and a limit on the amount of coverage. If the rental amount exceeds these ceilings, you will have to pay out of pocket for the difference or try to recover it from a negligent driver insurance company.
  • The daily rate according to your policy may not be sufficient to cover the daily rental price.
  • If the other driver is negligent, their insurance company is responsible for the rent.

A vehicle that is comparable to your car, can you get it?

Once you have filed an accident claim and rental is required, the insurance company will contact the car rental company. The rental company will then contact you to find out what you need and when you will need it. Depending on the service, the rental company will either deliver it to you, otherwise, you can schedule a time to travel to the office to select it up.

The type of car and the size of the car obtained depend on which insurance company covers the costs. If and when it is found that another driver is at fault in the accident, your insurance company must provide you with a vehicle similar to the one involved in the accident.

If your insurance company pays the rent, it will refund you the daily amount specified in your policy. For example, many policies will refund you $ 30 a day for rent. For most rental companies, this will cover the low cost of an economical car. If you want a higher class vehicle that costs more than this, you will have to pay the difference.

How long can you rent a vehicle?

In most cases, you can keep the rental while the car is in the repair shop or until it is replaced, but the insurance company that pays the rent will only do so for a reasonable period of time. At the time of filing the claim, the regulator will determine the number of days they will perform based on the required repairs.

If it takes more time, you will need to contact them for approval to extend the rental period. The company will usually contact a repair shop to confirm that the repair will take longer. When you are ready, you can return the rental and take steps to pick up your vehicle.

If your vehicle is listed and the second driver is at fault, their insurance company may only allow you to rent the car a few days after they have made a reasonable offer to meet your claim. According to, each company can determine what a reasonable rental period is and that varies depending on which company you work with. It could be three days or five days, but most likely you will only have a few days to find a new car.

Will you have to pay a deposit for car rental?

When renting a vehicle, even if the insurance company pays for it, you may have to provide a credit card to the rental company, so they have it recorded. According to the Enterprise, in some cases, a small deposit is required. The deposit is less than the standard amount and can be applied to any remaining balance after insurance. If it is not necessary, it will be refunded upon return of the car.

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