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Eid al-Adha 2020

Remembering the sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) and His Family

Eid al-Adha Known as Eid ul Adha, Bakr-id, the ‘Feast of Sacrifice’ is that the most Papular feast of the Mislim cammunity. Among the Muslims, Eid ul-Adha is a festival that is celebrated in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S.) secrifice.

Ibrahim (AS) showed a willingness to sacrifice his son Prophet Hazrat Ismail (A.S.) but his son was replaced with a lamb by Allah. Allah was so pleased with prophet Hazrat Ibrahim’s (A.S.) submission to Him that He made this demonstration of sacrifice and faith as permanent a part of a Muslim’s life. This event of prophet Hazrat Ibrahim is mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah As-Saffat.

Hence, per annum on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah, Muslims everywhere the planet celebrate Eid ul Azha. On today , Muslims slaughter a lamb, sheep, goat or a camel to honor the sacrifice of Ibrahim (AS).
Both Eid ul Fitr and Eid Al-Adha have great significance in Islam because the same is clear from the subsequent Hadith of Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W.):

“Allah has given you better than those feasts (festivals of non-believers): the ‘Eid-ul-Adha’ and ‘Eid-ul-Fitr.’”

(An-Nasai: 1556)

Background and Traditions of Eid Al Adha

Eid al-Adha concludes the Pilgrimage to Mecca. Eid al-Adha lasts for 3 days and commemorates Ibrahim’s (Abraham) willingness to obey God by sacrificing his son.

The same story of Hazrat Ibrahim appears within the Bible and is familiar to Jews and Christians. One basic difference is that Muslims believe the son was Hazrat Ishmael instead of Hazrat Isaac as told within the Old Testament . Eid Al Lahma, which means the ‘meat Eid’

According to the Holy Quran, Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S) was about to sacrifice his son when a voice from heaven stopped him and allowed him to do something else as a great sacrifice. In the Old Testament, it’s a ram that’s sacrificed rather than the son.

In Islam, Ishmael is considered a prophet and an ancestor of Muhammad.

Every year, During the feast of Eid Al Adha, Muslims re-enact Hazrat Ibrahim’s obedience by sacrificing a cow or ram. The family will eat a few third of the meal a 3rd goes to friends and relatives, and therefore the remaining third is donated to the poor and needy.

Qurbani or Sacrifice of animals on the day of Eid ul Adha is confirmed Sunnah of not only Prophet Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) but also of our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad (S.A.W.). However, some Scholars are of the opinion that’s ‘Wajib’ (obligatory).

When is Eid al-Adha 2020?

Eid ul Adha 2020 or Bakra Eid 2020 is predicted to be celebrated on Friday, 31 July, 2020.

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